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China: The World 2nd Largest Economy

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As of Feb. 02, 2016, the current population of China is estimated to be 1,379,753,590 which is almost 19% of the world’s total population. The yearly growth rate is 0.48%. With this statistics lie a question “what would be China’s population in the next 10 years?”

With this in mind, one can’t help but wonder if Chinese Mandarin would be the most dominant language spoken in the near future. According to published articles from authority sites, the top 6 languages that are more likely to dominate the world are Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, and French.

Benefits Of Learning To Speak Chinese

In the past few years, China proves to be the top exporter of numerous kinds of products ranging from apparels to footwear to outdoor tools to electronics and gadget and even furniture and auto. In fact, according to BBC world, China is considered to be the manufacturing capital and exporter while Business Insider reports that it has the world’s largest internet audience.

China has the largest population in the whole world and it’s just sensible to think of learning their language especially if you’re into business or thinking about doing business in Singapore or anywhere in the world where your business partners are mostly Mandarin Chinese speakers.

Also, communication is one of the main variables when it comes to traveling, trading, and socializing. To avoid communication barrier, it would help to learn Chinese language nearby where one can actually learn it in sequence. But choosing so would require patience as it may not be that easy to learn. In fact, it requires great effort and a genuine interest to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. However, having fun ideas to learn Chinese language will definitely ease the difficulty and help in contributing to your interest.

Speaking another language help a lot when travelling to different parts of the world for business and/or leisure. For a frequent traveler to Singapore, it is of essence to learn Chinese language as it would help in any business deals or transaction. Mandarin classes are offered in many schools and anyone can actually find a place to take courses one at a time.

Learning another kind of language also allows an individual for growth possibilities and create a better business partnership. In business, effective communication is the number one factor that makes it successful. Knowing the culture and tradition of one’s business partners play a significant role on negotiation and trade deals.

There are just so many benefits of learning to speak Chinese in the world. One can’t simply deny the fact that this language is necessary to build one’s business and profession.

With all the positive reports regarding China’s economy, there’s no doubt that mandarin Chinese is going to be the language of the future.

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