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How to Learn Chinese Effectively?

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How to learn Chinese is a frequently asked question. With the intention of helping you become successful in learning Chinese, here are some tips you can use:

Learning Chinese Tip #1: Where to start? Chinese pinyin should be the first step to learning Chinese. Pinyin contains all of the Chinese phonetic alphabet which is used in the pronunciation of Chinese characters. The earlier you start with pinyin, the easier to grasp the correct pronunciation. Therefore the Chinese learning method for children always works very efficiently.

Learning Chinese Tip #2: The only way to learn Chinese characters is to memorize them. Writing will enable you to use your motor memory for recollection. Otherwise, characters can be forgotten quickly. Rather than writing one word many times before going on to the next one, write each word once or twice, then go through the whole list again until you’ve done the required number of repetitions. This method will put the new words more firmly in your memory.

Make vocabulary flashcards. The physical act of writing reinforces words in your memory, while also giving you an easy way to prepare for tests. Make study cards for word classes (verbs, nouns, etc.) and carry them with you to review during spare minutes. Play online games to reinforce character recognition. To prepare for vocabulary quizzes, make a three-column vocabulary sheet with characters, pinyin, and English definitions. Fold the paper so only that one or two columns are showing and take, for practice, written quizzes.

Learning Chinese Tip #3: Learn Chinese through systematic Chinese reading. By doing this, you will know more about Chinese characters, Chinese culture and enlarge your Chinese vocabulary. Select Chinese reading material according to your own level. In addition, find a tutor to help you learn Chinese. In some cases, however, taking part in a face-to-face class may be inconvenient due to scheduling, traffic, safety, and other issues, especially for children who want to learn Chinese or for those who want to learn Chinese for business, but are busy with work obligations. One option is to take an online Mandarin Chinese course which will offer both convenience and flexibility.

Learning Chinese Tip #4: Studying a little each day is more effective than studying for a cramming just before a test. It’s impossible to learn a language by studying only once a week, even if the study period is very long. Studying one to two hours each day throughout the term will make it easy for you to do well on tests without cramming at the end.

Learning Chinese Tip #5: If a student wants to know their Chinese level, the best way is to take a Mandarin Chinese Proficiency test. There are several authoritative Chinese tests such as the AP Chinese exam and the HSK test, among others. For foreign students, online Mandarin Chinese lessons may be an effective way to prepare for the tests because of the convenience and authenticity offered by online Mandarin language courses (e.g. how to write Chinese, etc.). For those who don’t have enough time to learn Chinese during the school year, joining a summer Chinese program is helpful to their progress.

Learning Chinese Tip #6: A fun way to master Mandarin Chinese: try ordering Chinese food by speaking Mandarin Chinese with the restaurant staff. You might feel embarrassed at first, but they’ll respect you for trying out your new Mandarin skills! This will give you some good Mandarin practice, and you’ll still get some great Chinese food. Chinese restaurants are everywhere, so everyone should have the chance to practice. This is especially suitable for children, as Chinese for children requires a vivid and fun experience. In this way, children can easily review their Chinese courses. Learning Mandarin can include a lot of fun!

Practice makes perfect! Developing these habits will make your Chinese study much easier.

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