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Our Virtual Classrooms

Office Space

If you are interested in learning with Lingoda or if you just purchased your first course, you most likely want to learn a bit more about the program that allows the virtual classrooms to happen. For our online classes, the program we use is called Zoom. You can either use the browser version or download the software. We generally recommend downloading Zoom to all of our students, the download is free of charge. Using new programs is always exciting but can also turn out to be a small challenge if you aren't familiar with the software, which is why Zoom is offering a test run you can use before your class starts. This way you can make sure that Zoom is running smoothly, that your sound input and output are detected and that you are all set up for the virtual classroom and a successful learning journey. We highly recommend running this test, especially in the beginning when you are still getting accustomed to Zoom. You can find the test here: This test is valid for both the browser version of Zoom and the Zoom app that you can choose to download and install on your device if that is your preference.

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