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Why you should learn to speak Chinese?

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Whether you are a potential investor, an enthusiast of Chinese culture or just curious about languages, speaking Mandarin could be the missing asset in your goals!

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world

Yes, this is the first and the most important reason why you should study Mandarin. If you’re going to learn another language, why not make it the language that’s the most spoken in the world? More than 1.2 billion people speak Chinese.

Not only is Chinese spoken in China, but it’s also spoken in Singapore and Malaysia. Chinese speaking people are living all across the world and if you’re a professional, it’s more than likely that one of your clients, suppliers or colleagues will speak Mandarin.

A giant global economic power

The People's Republic of China is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. As one of the world's leading economies and the world's largest exporter, China exports mainly textiles, toys, electronics and steel.
Inventor and the first country to use paper money, China has been establishing international economic relations for centuries, and its reopening towards the West and strong attractions for investors have allowed many international companies to settle there to generate jobs and stimulate the economy even further.

Millennia of history and culture

China is often recognized as the oldest known civilization. Its influence is strongly felt in East Asia - Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, for example, have spread throughout this region of the world; Chinese vocabulary and characters have also spread throughout the region. But also many major inventions which have benefited humanity are of Chinese origin, such as the compass, paper and watchmaking, to name just a few.
A great way to discover or rediscover all these wonders is to take trip which will allow you to get to know the ultramodern cities of Shanghai and Beijing, the historical sites of Nanjing and Lhasa and, of course, the wonders of the Great Wall.

Delicious Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse. It is hard to imagine any other food category so diverse in their variety as the Chinese food is. Chinese food has a global appeal, with its tastes suiting people in any parts of the world. Chinese food today is not the exact sort of food that you will find in China, but has a blend of the traditional roots and a part of the culture of the present countries where they are found. Still the essence remains the same.

Make a success of your stay in China

Whether you are going to spend a few days with friends for a leisure trip or if you are on a business trip, nothing will be more useful to you than to be able to slip a few words in the language of your interlocutors, who will appreciate your effort and will be certainly more willing to help.

Boost you CV

Chinese language skills are scarce in some companies, even for companies that do a lot of business with the country. With Mandarin being needed in business, knowing the language will make you an attractive employee.

If you know Mandarin, the company you’re applying for will see you as a valuable person. After you’re hired, why not suggest holding some sessions with your co-workers to help them learn the Mandarin language too. Everyone can benefit from learning even the basics.

Learning Mandarin is easier than you think

You do not have to worry about verbs! there are no verbs, no plurals, no tenses, no subject-verb agreement, and no conjugations. There are over 80,000 chinese characters but generally only 3,500 are used in converation. Infact, it could be regarded as a more logical language.

Stop asking "WHY SHOULD I LEARN MANDARIN" and Book your class

Now that you know the benefits of learning Mandarin, it’s time to decide where you’re going to study it.

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