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Discussing career plans

Your response to ??What Are Your Future Goals?? will help recruiters and hiring managers to know you better and understand if your professional goals and expectations of the role match what they can provide. If things go well, this context enables them to put together a job offer that is exciting for you.

What you will learn

    how to define your career goals in chinese
    what need avoid to say in career plans
    how to move closer to long term plan
    how to research your career goal match with how this company is growing and the opportunities this job provides
    how to focus on your short term plans
    how to avoid some mistakes in talking your career plans


HSK Level 3 vocabulary, Phrases and grammar


This course is for intermediate chinese learner who has intermediate mandarin knowledge ( HSK Level 3) and around 800-1000 chinese words.

Kanal ini akan segera hadir!
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