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Education background

There are several Chinese questions an interviewer may ask to determine how your education has prepared you for the position you are applying for and how it will make you an asset to their company. In this course, we discuss everything you need to know about answering questions about your educational background using Chinese, including commonly asked questions with example answers.

What you will learn

    How to use chinese to describe your education prepared you for this job
    Some important tips to organize your educational background
    how to use some standard chinese phrases when you encounter some difficult questions
    how to answer question in Chinese that why did you choose your major
    how to answer questions about your further education plan
    some tips of encounter multi interviewers


HSK Level 3 vocabulary, Phrases and grammar


This course is for intermediate chinese learner who has intermediate mandarin knowledge ( HSK Level 3) and around 800-1000 chinese words.

Kanal ini akan segera hadir!
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