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HSK Test Prep Lessons Level 2

This HSK Test Prep Course is for students who know some basic Chinese words and phrases but find it difficult to conduct with confidence some routine communication tasks in Chinese.

What you will learn

    You will acquire 300 basic Chinese characters
    You can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases
    meet the most basic communication needs
    master the most basic HSK grammar.
    you will be ready to take HSK test
    level 2 with exam skills
    How to conduct sentence with basic grammar


After finish HSK test Level 1


Are you a Chinese beginner? Maybe you've just started, or maybe you've taken a couple of entry-level?classes and want to learn more. The beginner courses here will show you the basics of Mandarin while teaching you the simple words or stentences. When you've completed this section, you'll be ready to move on to improving your mandarin to intermediate level.

Kanal ini akan segera hadir!
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