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Primary 1 Pin Yin Course

Our Primary 1 Pin Yin Course is focus on basic Pin Yin to help students to lay pronunciation foundation. Our teacher will use photo, Audio, Video to overcome any challenges in pronounce correctly. Students will learn to read and differentiate Hanyu Pinyin consonants, vowels, tones and syllables. As Pinyin is very important for further learning Mandarin Chinese, especially at the beginning stage. Usually, People who learn Chinese from elementary school students in China learn Pinyin as they start learning Chinese systematically.

What you will learn

    The basic logic of PinYin
    How to add tones on Pinyin
    how to pronunce cacuminal pinyin correctly
    How to pronounce pinyin correctly
    Master the initials and finals of Chinese Pinyin
    where to use light tone


No Chinese knowledge Required

Absolute Beginner

This course is for absolute beginner,those who has no or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not know basic Chinese words and phrases., from this course you will acquire 150-300 basic Chinese characters and master the most basic grammar. After completion of the lessons, You can understand and use very simple Chinese words and phrases, and meet the most basic communication needs.

Kanal ini akan segera hadir!
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