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Primary 2 writing Course

Primary 2 students often find the 200-character requirements of compositions overwhelming. Our P2 Writing Programme helps to increase their confidence in essay writing skills. This is accomplished by grouping them to their educational levels for better learning, expanding their vocabulary with new words from and beyond textbooks, and teaching them organising and writing skills. Reflecting our belief in "practice makes perfect", every student has to submit a composition almost every week.

What you will learn

    Enrich the compositions by using carefully chosen words and phrases
    Participate in brainstorming sessions for new ideas and different writing styles
    Explore various writing forms through creative exercises like dialogue reading and picture analysis
    Learn to avoid common mistakes in sentence construction
    Plan, organise and translate thoughts into writing
    Appreciate works of accomplished writers


students with some knowledge of Mandarin and basic 150-300 chinese words , phrases , and grammar


This course is for beginner chinese learner who has basic mandarin knowledge and around 150-300 chinese words. From this course you will acquire 200-300 chinese words, Able to recognize, pronunce and tell meaning. Develop basic reading and writing (speaking, writing) skills, focusing on listening, Training for speaking, oral interaction, literacy and writing

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