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SAT Listening comprehension Course

Based on short spoken dialogues and narratives, primarily about everyday topics. Two different kinds of questions are used: (A) a spoken statement, question or exchange, followed by a choice of three possible responses (also spoken); (B) a spoken dialogue or monologue with a printed question or questions (in English) about what was said.

What you will learn

    What is listening test question stucture
    How to Avoid unnecessary mistakes in the exam
    Some important tips of before or during the exam
    How to listen effectively(get the main point)
    where are the traps in the listening test
    Structural listening knowledge of Chinese language for SAT


2-4 years of Mandarin Chinese language study in high school, or the equivalent. Ability to understand spoken Mandarin Chinese and identify what is being said in short, spoken dialogues and narratives about everyday topics.
Ability to complete sentences in a way that is appropriate in terms of structure (grammar), vocabulary, and context.


Advanced level for students who can talk with native speakers in Chinese fluently and somewhat effectively. You have a broad active reading vocabulary, but may experience some difficulty in delivering a lengthy Chinese speech. And able to Plan, organize and translate thoughts into writing. Understand a wide range of demanding topics, recognize implicit meanings.

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