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How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese for Interview

Generally, you’ll be invited to introduce yourself by interviewer at the beginning of the interview. In our previous article, we have told you how to make a brief introduction of yourself in Chinese in relatively informal situations, but in the interview, you should present yourself more formal and polite. In this article, you’ll learn how to make a simple and compelling self-introduction in Chinese Mandarin fluently.



nǐ hǎo /nín hǎo

zǎo shàng hǎo /xià wǔ hǎo
Good Morning/Good Afternoon

gè wèi kǎo guān ,nǐ men hǎo
Hello, examiners.

Basic Information

wǒ jiào XX
My name is XX (Your full name)

wǒ lái zì XX
我来自XX (你的国家)
I’m from XX (Your country)

jīn nián XX suì
今年XX 岁(年龄)
I am XX years old (Your age)

Education Background

yú XX nián bì yè yú XX xué xiào XX zhuān yè, XX xué lì.
I’m graduated from XX (School name) school XX (specialty name) specialty, XX(degree name) degree

céng huò dé guò XX 曾获得过XX(奖项列举)。
My awards include XX. (List the major awards in your school life.)

Work Experience and Skills

There is no strict format of work experience Chinese phrase, you just feel free to show the real you. Depending on your work experience, write your occupational history, good performance and successful case down, then translate it into Chinese, and remember it. Be honest and brief, just tell the interviewer your work experience and skills in Chinese when the question comes.

Expect Job and Why Should They Hire You

wǒ xī wàng kě yǐ huò dé yī fèn hé XXyǒu guān de gōng zuò, yīn wéi wǒ XXX
I hope to get a job about XX (position), because XXX (why you are a great fit for this position).



To show your sincerity and politeness, you can say something like:
wǒ fēi cháng xī wàng néng dé dào zhè fèn gōng zuò ,xī wàng guì gōng sī néng gěi zhè cì jī huì 。xiè xiè
I extremely hope that I can gain this job, hope your company can give me a chance. Thank you!

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