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IB Chinese Tutorial Course

We offer one-to-one tutorial courses for IB Chinese examinees. Our Chinese teachers will select appropriate materials based on your specific needs and level. In addition to improving your IB test-taking skills, we aim to improve your various abilities in all aspects of your Chinese learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, as well as your understanding of Chinese culture and literature. The highly qualified Chinese teachers will work on reinforcing your strengths while strengthening your weaknesses.

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Are you ready to take your chinese to the next level? Learn from our experienced and professional Mandarin teacher. From below chinese course and our assistant programs, you'll find the course you need right here!

Top Speaking courses

IB chinese course

IB PYP Chinese course

IB chinese course

IB DP Chinese course

IB chinese course

IB MYP Chinese course

IB chinese course

IB Career related Chinese course

Why you should learn online with iPanda
Enjoy a flexible schedule
online classes available 24/7. Choose when you want to learn.
Talk to experienced native teachers
No more “textbook language''. Talk with native speaking teachers from day one. And all our teachers are with oversea Mandarin teaching experience
Customized Teaching materials
wherever you come from, we will arrange our teaching class based on your local mandarin material. Easy to understand and easy to improve your mandarin score. 
Special two to one small classes
For all customized classes, we will have specilized reading, speaking, listening and writing teacher with you. At the same time there are one more teacher assisting your  homework



“I had a difficulty pronouncing some Mandarin words, mixed up some tones. So i signed up and under 20 minutes Mandarin pronunciation just got a lot easier for me. Thanks a lot iPanda Chinese. Can't wait to buy the full pack..” 


—  Isabella


Layanan Kami
  • Customized 1 on 1 N1-K2 Chinese Course

    45 min
    19,90 Dolar Singapura
  • 1 on 1 Singapore P1-P5 Chinese Course Special price in Limited Time

    1 hr
    19,90 Dolar Singapura
  • 1 on 1 sec 1 to sec 4 Price may different based on tutor experience

    1 hr
    39,90 Dolar Singapura
  • 1 on 1 PSLE course Price may different based on tutor experience

    1 hr
    39,90 Dolar Singapura
  • Guarantee to upgrade your Chinese from X to A, or money refund,from$59

    1 hr
    59,90 Dolar Singapura
  • JC Chines Course

    1 hr
    39,90 Dolar Singapura
  • 1 on 1 Business Chinese Course with 9 levels

    1 hr
    59,90 Dolar Singapura
  • Specialized Reading comprehension, Oral test,writing Training

    1 hr
    39,90 Dolar Singapura
  • This course is for those who want to learn Chinese

    1 hr
    29,90 Dolar Singapura
  • This service is for Free trial

    1 hr
  • For No Chinese environment or seldom Chinese speaking students

    30 min
    15,90 Dolar Singapura
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