What car do you drive?

Learn how to ask “What car do you drive?” in Mandarin Chinese.







王:Xiao Li, What car are you driving? So cool!

小李:Thank you Xiao Wang for the compliment. This is a Tesla electric car. I also think this car is very stylish. The important thing is that is is environmentally friendly.

小王:Recently, many electric cars can be seen on the road. They have green license plates.

小李:Yes, electric cars made in China have green license plates to indicate they are electric. This is the current trend.

小王:Air pollution is very serious. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and save fuel. They don’t waste anything!
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1 – 在中国,电动汽车车牌是什么颜色?

a. 蓝色的

b. 黑色的

c. 绿色的

d. 黄色的

2 – 小李有什么样的车?

a. 特斯拉

b. 福特

c. 丰田

d. 法拉利

1. c

2. a