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A finishing touch

Learn the story behind the idiom 画龙点睛. Using idioms wisely can vastly improve your Chinese.





There was a painter in ancient China, and he painted dragons very well. One day, he drew four dragons on the wall. People saw the dragons and thought they were beautiful, but the dragons had no eyes.

The painter said “If you paint eyes, the dragons will fly away.” People didn’t believe him so he drew the dragon’s eyes and the dragons really flew away.

The meaning of this idiom is that adding something in an important place when writing an essay will make the essay better.
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1 – 画家在墙上画了几条龙?

a. 一条

b. 两条

c. 三条

d. 四条

2 – 一开始,画家画的龙没有什么?

a. 嘴巴

b. 鼻子

c. 眼睛


1. d

2. c
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