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About Dou Yin (Chinese video app)

A short HSK 4 reading article about a popular video app in China. It’s similar to Vine or TikTok.





Dou Yin is currently the most popular short-video (videos under 20 seconds long) app amongst young people.

Everyone can take their happy, sad, or unforgettable moments and create all kinds of different videos. These are shared on Dou Yin. Some of the videos are humorous, others are very moving.

Through Dou Yin, you can learn what young Chinese people like to do, and what kinds of lives they lead.

Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 抖音是什么软件?

a. 聊天

b. 约会

c. 短视频

d. 打车

2 – 大家不会把生活中的什么分享在抖音里?

a. 开心的事

b. 不开心的事

c. 不难忘的事

d. 难忘的事

1. c

2. c
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