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About Guilin

Guilin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. It is a city surrounded by fantastic scenery.

If you ever visit, make sure to take a cruise down the Li River.






Guilin is a famous tourist city in China.

It is a part of Guangxi Autonomous Region in the south of China.

The scenery here is very beautiful, with mountains and rivers. The food is also very cheap.

The mountains of Guilin are not very high. The river that passes through the city is called the Lijiang River, which is very clean. The rice noodles in Guilin are delicious and cheap.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 桂林在中国的哪里?

a. 北方

b. 东边

c. 南方

d. 西边

2 – 桂林的山怎么样?

a. 很高

b. 不知道

c. 不是很高

d. 太高了

1. c

2. c
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