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Can you help me with MS powerpoint?

PPT is the most common way for Chinese people to say powerpoint. It is not frequently referred to with Chinese characters.









小刘:Xiao Wang, can you do me a favor?

小王:What favor? I’ll see if I am able to help you.

小刘:Do you know how to insert a video into a Powerpoint presentation? I need to use it at next week’s work report but I don’t know how.

小王:Let me have a look! First open Powerpoint, then right here on the toolbar there is an insert button. Next, select to insert either video or audio. Press insert. Then, on the left side of the toolbar you can select to either have the video immediately play or only play upon mouse-click. Choose what you need accordingly.

小刘:Xiao Wang, you are so clever!

小王:Haha, no, no. You need to pay attention and place the video and the presentation within the same folder or it will not be able to play.

小刘:Ok, thanks very much!
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1 – 插入视频第一部分是什么?

a. 在工具栏左边选择立刻插入视频

b. 点击插入视频

c. 打开PPT

d. 关上PPT

1. c
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