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Criticism at work

Read below to find out how to deliver criticism (批评) to an underperforming worker.


老板: 小王,你来我办公室一趟。

小王: 您好,老板。

老板: 最近,你所在的项目组完成工作进度太慢了,不能按照计划完成任务,已经导致其他项目组工作的滞后。

小王: 老板,情况的确如您所说的那样。但是进度慢的原因是项目在开展过程中,人手不足。咱们公司裁员了不少。

老板: 这个问题的确存在。但是还是希望你们能够提高工作效率,不要拖公司后退。

Boss: Xiao Wang, come to my office.

小王: Hello, boss.

Boss: Recently, your project team has been working too slowly to complete the task as planned, which has led to the slowing down of other project teams.

小王: Boss, the situation is indeed as you said. However, the reason for the slow progress is that the project has been under-staffed during the development process. Our company has laid off a lot of staff.

Boss: This problem is indeed true. But I still hope that you can improve your work efficiency and prevent further delays for the company.
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1 – 公司进度慢的原因是什么?

a. 公司没有发工资,所以员工不想干活

b. 压力太多

c. 员工没有培训

d. 人手不足

1. d
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