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Good friends and bad friends

A Chinese reading article about good and bad friends.



I think good friends can share both happiness and sadness with you. Especially when you meet difficulties, they can extend both hands and help you and let you feel consoled.

Bad friends, when you share moments of your life, will cause lots of hazy and bad circumstances. So, you must carefully choose friends in life.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 好朋友的行为不包括?

a. 分享开心和不开心

b. 伸出双手帮助你

c. 安慰你

d. 打击你

2 – 坏朋友可能会做什么?

a. 给你的生活增加更多阴霾

b. 为你的生活带来阳光

c. 分享喜怒哀乐

d. 帮你解决问题

1. d

2. a
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