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I have to go on my own

This short intermediate story tells of a girl who must travel alone to her grandfather’s house.


今天晚上妈妈对我说:“我要上班了,你得自己去爷爷家吃饭。” 我正想对妈妈说我从来没有独自去过爷爷家。可是,我的话还没说出口,妈妈就跑的无影无踪了。所以,我只能硬着头皮,穿过黑黑的街道,走到爷爷家。


Tonight, my mother said to me: “I am going to work. You must go to your grandfather’s house to eat.” I wanted to tell my mother that I had never been to my grandfather’s house alone. However, no words came out of my mouth and my mother scurried away without a trace. Therefore, I could only brace myself and go through the dark streets to my grandfather’s house.

I was scared, so I walked very fast and didn’t say hello when I saw my neighbor. I didn’t relax until I saw my grandfather.
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1 – 他得去哪里?

a. 妈妈家

b. 爸爸家

c. 爷爷家

d. 奶奶家

2 – 他见到邻居的时候做了什么?

a. 继续走

b. 跟邻居聊天

c. 感到更害怕

d. 惊叫

1. c

2. a
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