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I want to learn to dance

This excellent Chinese dialogue sounds very conversational – just like you would hear in China.


莉莉: 小明,最近我很想学习跳舞,看其他人跳舞的时候我很想加入。但是跳舞的话,最好有一个舞伴,你愿意和我一起学习吗?


莉莉: 就是因为跳的不好,所以才要学习啊。如果你也想要学习跳舞,我们两个可以一起找一位老师,跟着她一起学,然后一起练习,相信我们一定可以跳的特别好!


莉莉: 没有关系的,我们可以一起学习,相互监督。而且跳舞还可以放松精神,减肥,多好啊!


Lily: Xiao Ming, I want to learn to dance. When I see other people dancing, I want to join in. But for dancing, it is best to have a dance partner. Are you willing to learn with me?

小明:I don’t think I have any talent or rhythm for dancing. I dance very badly.

Lily: You dance badly, it is a reason to learn. If you want to learn to dance, we can find a teacher together. We can study with her, and practice together. I believe we will definitely be able to dance well!

小明:Really? I don’t think I dare to dance.

Lily: It’s no problem, we can study and mutually supervise each other. Also, dancing helps you relax and lose weight. It’s very good.

小明:What you say is correct. Let’s study together then. I hope we can quickly learn a dance.
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1 – 小明和莉莉最近想要学习什么技能?

a. 唱歌

b. 交朋友

c. 学习

d. 跳舞

2 – 小明和莉莉会成为舞伴吗?

a. 不会

b. 不确定

c. 会

d. 他们以前就是舞伴

3 – 小明对跳舞有信心吗?

a. 没有

b. 有

1. d

2. c

3. a
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