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Learning to drive

Learning to drive in China is quite different from England. Read this passage to hear a bit about the process of learning to drive, and the benefits of it!





Almost every family now has a car, because it is convenient and time-saving for family members. Therefore, learning to drive has become a necessity.

In China, learning to drive first requires taking the first round of examination: mainly to answer some questions on your knowledge of traffic rules and answer questions on a computer. After this, there is driving practice in the practice area. Such as reversing into a garage, using the steering wheel and so on. There are a lot of people who will have problems at this stage, because when you first drive, you will always be nervous and forget where to pay attention to.

Learning to drive is still a particularly important life skill. Through driving, you can arrange your own time and go where you want to go. However, you must pay attention to safety when driving.
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1 – 为什么会开车成为了一项技能?

a. 方便节省时间

b. 交通规定,必须要会开车

c. 交通规则知识简单

d. 交通安全特别重要

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