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My friend

Friends (朋友) are important. Learn how to describe your friends in this intermediate Chinese dialogue.






My good friend is a girl. She is not tall and looks very cute.

She is not only smart, but also serious. She likes to go to the library to study, so all her test scores are very good.

She is very enthusiastic and always cares about others. If others have difficulties, she will definitely help them solve their problems.

She has many hobbies, such as playing football and mountain climbing.

Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 我的好朋友喜欢去哪里学习?

a. 餐厅

b. 商店

c. 图书馆

d. 咖啡厅

2 – 我的好朋友有什么爱好?

a. 踢足球

b. 听音乐和看电影

c. 踢足球和爬山

d. 爬山

1. c

2. c
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