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Travelling with my mother

China has fantastic transport systems. Busses (公交车), trains (火车), and planes (飞机) are all affordable – and rarely late/delayed!


今天我去光合谷玩了! 真的好开心! 我和妈妈一起坐公交车去的,公交车在高速公路上开的很快。一个小时以后,我们到达了光合谷。



Today I am going to GuangHe Valley. I’m really excited! I will take the bus there with my mother. The bus goes very fast on the high-speed highway. After an hour, we arrive at GuangHe Valley.

I saw a variety of green plants and lots of cute animals. I bought a box of vegetables to feed the rabbits.

Today was a really happy day.
Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 他们今天要去什么地方?

a. 北京

b. 游乐园

c. 光合谷

d. 朋友的家

2 – 在那里他们看到了什么?

a. 小猫

b. 可爱的动物

c. 大海

d. 沙滩

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1. c

2. b
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