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Tree Planting Day

Also known in English as Arbor Day. People not just in China but all over the world are encouraged to plant trees!

Different countries have different days for this festival, in China it is on the 12th of March.





Every March 12th is “Tree Planting Day”. On this day, the community workers call us to plant trees in the community.

In the morning, I excitedly get up and go to the garden of the community early. Dad helps me with a small sapling. I use all my strength to cover the roots of the sapling with soil, and then my mother helps me to water it. Then I put a rope on the sapling to mark it as a tree that I planted.

I hope that one day this small sapling will grow into a towering tree, I hope our environment can get better and better! Today is a happy day.

Ipanda Chinese
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1 – 谁号召他们来种树?

a. 小区的管理员

b. 小区的保安

c. 小区的工作人员

d. 小区的家庭

2 – 她用什么东西标记她种的树

a. 牌子

b. 绳子

c. 海报

1. c

2. b

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