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Does he really like dragons?

Chinese idioms are called 成语.

The idiom below is 叶公好龙 and it means “to pretend to be fond of something while actually fearing it”.





In ancient times, there was a painter named Ye Gong. He liked dragons and painted a lot at home. He hoped that the real dragon would appear. A dragon knew his wishes and flew to his home.

He saw the real dragon, felt very scared and ran away.

The meaning of this idiom is that he said he liked something, but he actually didn’t really like it.
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1 – 画家画了几条龙?

a. 两条

b. 画家画了很多龙

c. 没有提到

d. 三条

2 – 他看到龙的时候感到什么?

a. 高兴

b. 害怕

c. 生气

d. 好奇
1. b

2. b
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