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My least favourite season is…

A short Chinese passage talking about the writer’s least favourite seasons.

最喜欢的 is used to say “favourite”. This can easily become “least favourite” by adding 最不喜欢的。




My least favourite season is winter because I always have a cold, fever and an upset stomach. Also, because winter is very cold, I must wear a down jacket and uncomfortable trousers. The fruit in winter is also not very delicious.

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1 – 冬天的水果好吃吗?

a. 没有提到

b. 冬天的水果好吃

c. 冬天的水果不好吃

2 – 她最不喜欢的季节是什么?

a. 秋天

b. 春天

c. 冬天

d. 夏天
1. c

2. c
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