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Taking a test

Tests (考试) are a big part of school life in China.

Although Mandarin Chinese passage below says that coffee (咖啡) is a good way to wake up for exams; you probably shouldn’t do it.





I slept very late last night because I will take an exam in the morning but I hadn’t revised yet so I stay up late studying.

Before I went to the exam in the morning, I felt very tired and drank a cup of coffee.

When the exam started, I didn’t feel tired. I finished the test paper very quickly and went home to sleep.
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1 – 我为什么很晚不睡觉?

a. 看电影

b. 听音乐

c. 复习

d. 睡不着

2 – 早上考试之前我喝了什么?

a. 水

b. 咖啡

c. 牛奶

d. 茶
1. c

2. b
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