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What is your dream?

Learn how to ask someone what they aspire to do, or what their dream is!


小红: 小明,你的理想是什么?

小明: 我想当一名探险家,去发现世界上别人不知道的地方。你呢?

小红: 我想当一名医生。别人生病的时候,我就可以帮助他们,让他们不再痛苦。

小明: 你真善良!

小红: 我当医生以后,一定要研究出不苦的药。这样小朋友们就会不讨厌吃药了。

小明: 太好了。

小红:Xiao Ming, what is your dream? (理想 used like this is essentially asking what someone aspires to be, or what their life ideals are) .

小明:I want to be an explorer and discover places in the world that others don’t know about. What about you?

小红:I want to be a doctor. When others are sick, I can help them and stop them from suffering.

小明:You are so kind!

小红:After I become a doctor, I definitely want to research medicine that is not bitter. This way children will not hate taking medicine.

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1 – 小红想当什么?

a. 探险家

b. 护士

c. 医生

d. 教授

2 – 小明想当什么?

a. 护士

b. 医生

c. 教授

d. 探险家
1. c

2. d
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